Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Mom gave TIM TEBOW my card!

This Monday Tim Tebow, Heisman trophy winner and ex-quarterback of my Alma Mater University of Florida, was signing his book in Miami. My Mom is a huge fan, as am I, but I have met him many times at school, and I couldn't attend this time because of work. I think she might have gone a little crazy and I don't know if I am mad at her or want to give her a big kiss on the cheek! But apparently while I was busy working, my mom took a business card from my desk and wrote a note to Tim and gave it to him!!!!!!!

That's my mom holding my card with the note written in the blank spaces. (check out the dude in the back haha)
That's Timmy looking at her like she is crazy! (AGAIN check out the dude in the back haha)
That is him covering the card with his hand and wondering where the nearest trash can is (Well dude in the blue shirt thanks for looking in this one)

And if by any chance Tim, you didn't throw the card away and are on my blog and reading this post, GO GATORS!!!!!! And thanks mom, I guess your crazy plan worked =)


Juju@TalesofWhimsy.com said...

OMG how awesome. I love your mom!

Juju@TalesofWhimsy.com said...


Jacinda @ Reading Housewives said...

Was she trying to hook you up with him or get him to check out your blog!!!??? (I have not clue if you have a bf or not, I should know this!)

Yani said...

I think both! Hahaha and yes I'm single

Jen D. said...

LMAO!  That is too cute for words.  Mom's are the best aren't they.

Rowena said...

LOL, this is awesome and he's super hot!

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