Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From The Secret Life to the In Between...

Hello Everyone! Jude Henderson Here! Wanted to let you know that I'm taking of from The Secret Life Of An Avid Reader, But not without saying how much I Love being here and thanking everyone for your lovely comments in my reviews and also thanking Yani for letting me be a part of such an amazing blog! and also for introducing me to the world of Blogging, teaching me how to use html code - royal pain - and encouraging me to start my own:

In Between Writing and Reading.
Because we Love to Read, Because we Love to Write,
But sometimes we need a little space In Between.

In Between Writing and Reading is My Blog, you can find all of my reviews there and new ones to come!

So I'm taking of from The Secret Life to the In Between...

Thank You so Much to everyone and specially Yani!! Hope you'll stop by the In Between Blog and also hope that you guys liked my reviews!

-Jude <3

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