Monday, June 13, 2011

Mondays Bite: Twilight Re-Read Along!

Twilight lovers (and haters) unite!

Join TSLoaAR and fellow bloggers as we re-read Twilight and experience it in a new light. Each week we will read 5 chapters and a will posts discussion questions regarding the week's reading. For More Info: Click Here
My Twilight History:
I first read Twilight as a sophomore in high school after I had read Haunted (Mediator Series) by Meg Cabot. Before that book all I ever read was contemporary YA and series (like Gossip Girl and A-list), after Twilight the world of YA opened up for me and I went from an occasional YA contemporary reader to obsessive in all things YA. And I never looked back.

The girls were talking on Twitter about doing a Twilight Re-Read Along and I said SIGN ME UP. This won't be my first time re-reading, as when it first came out I think I read it like 5 times and 2 more times years later, but this will be the first time I can actually share what I think while reading the book (back then none of my friends where readers). So join us and sign up for the Re-Read Along by Clicking Here!!

Reading and Posting Schedule:

Monday, June 27: GReads! -
Reading & Questions Post for Ch. 1-5

Monday, July 4: Lisa the Nerd -
Discussion/Answers Post for Ch. 1-5
Reading & Questions Post for Ch. 6-10

Monday, July 11: The Reading Housewives -
Discussion/Answers Post for Ch. 6-10
Reading & Questions Post for Ch. 11-15

Monday, July 18: Secret Life of an Avid Reader -
Discussion/Answers Post for Ch. 11-15
Reading & Questions Post for Ch. 16-20

Monday, July 25: The Reading Housewives -
Discussion/Answers Post for Ch. 16-20
Reading & Questions Post for Ch. 21-24 + epilogue

Monday, August 1: GReads! -
Discussion/Answers Post for Ch. 21-24 + epilogue
Wrap up & Finale


Michelle Reed said...

I signed up! I can't wait for this :o)

Mickey @

Jacinda @ Reading Housewives said...

Oh yeah! :) It's gonna be fun! I'm gonna do The Hunger Games read-along as well I think :)

Once Upon a Twilight blog said...

I would have love to do this, I just dont hav ethe time to re-read the book. Even though I think Ive re-read the entire series over 10 times,lol

Farrah Penn said...

This is so badass! I didn't even know it was happening. I'd love to reread the fourth one to see if I enjoyed it more the second time around. 

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