Friday, January 7, 2011

Young and in Love?

While reading updates on my favorite blogs, I cam across this post in Persnickety Snark's blog. I couldn't agree more with everything she wrote.

Its hard to portray love to others. In both movies and in print, sometimes it can come across insincere. It's not love, but lust and obsession, and although love can include the other two, the presences of the former does not equal love.

Lately, books have not been satisfying my expectations. Matched a was great book. Unique and clever, emotional as well. However, it was still lacking. I can't exactly tell you what I didn't enjoy, but something was missing. I am definitely going to reread it later, with less expectation and see if I enjoy it more the second time around. But back to my point, Matched has not been the only disappointment this past year.

One of the main things that has bugged me has been the easy and simple endings, especially in contemporary novels. Oh the person causing trouble moved away, or the other guy I was interested in got a new girl and is so happy. Paranormal novels and series can get away with it more because series need material to keep going (though they can push away a reader that way) and paranormal novels are just that not normal situations.  I like real endings no matter how sad they are. Which is why I loved Fall for Anything.

SO a Thank you to some of my favorite authors for always keeping it real. I look forward to what 2011 brings around.

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