Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HTML I Did Not Miss You

Like yesterday, I believed today would be the day I would get some reviews in and maybe even read another book. But of course the perfectionist in me kept wanting to change elements of my blog. So for the past 4 hours I have been adding borders. Yes borders. Three little borders have taken me four hours!? How can that be?????

I used to be very familiar with HTML, I wrote all the codes for layouts in my blogs and Myspace (when I used to have one). Today, I had to use the world wide web to help me out. Yes the WWW, is very informative, but it also have a lot of bulls**t. So sifting through that took up a generous amount of my time. So I am heading to the library to get a book on HTML for dummies. Look back later today or tomorrow for the full review of Fall for Anything!

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