Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

So I WAS planning on writing at least two reviews today-LA Candy and finish Fall for Anything- however, I started putting together the upcoming books list and wow did that take long. I have been at it since 9:30! I even forgot to have lunch and it was worth it!

To me that is one of the most important pages on my blog because it is one of the things, that as a reader, I most appreciate. SO please check out my upcoming books in 2011 page and comment if there is anything missing!! Also, check out the accompanying book store, which also took up a lot of time! I mean if your going to buy from Amazon anyways, help a girl out and give her a (very small) referral fee for all her hard work. It is still the same price to you no matter what.

I know my blog seems a little empty, but just think... I did all this within the last couple of weeks, and I am bringing in new authors as soon as possible =)

Lastly, look out for future contests and giveaways.

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