Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #22 {Carrier of the Mark}

WOW is hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine.
From Goodreads:
A move to Ireland is about to introduce Megan to her destiny, her real destiny, can she embrace it and will she survive it?

A tragedy in Megan’s past set her on a predetermined course. A chain of events has been set in motion that brings Megan to Kinsale, a small town in the south of Ireland where her destiny awaits her. Her life starts to fall into place as she makes new friends and settles into her new school. However, the reclusive and distant Adam DeRĂ­s calls to her body and soul.

She finds herself increasingly drawn to Adam and his strange family. Adam knows a secret from her past and he and his family hold the key to her future. A future that binds her to Adam and his world, a world of power, mystery and ancient orders. A world that unbeknownst to her, she very much belongs in.
Why Yani is Waiting on It: 
Secrets and hot boys... what's there not to like? For some reason I am getting a Mara Dyer de ja vu (ish) vibe off this one, and I loved Mara so definitely want to check this out!

Can't wait for this book coming out: October 4, 2011


Cyndi @ Dog-Eared & Bookmarked said...

YES YES YES! This one is definitely on my TBR list :D

Lisa said...

It's quite shocking that this isn't out yet. Last month, I was convinced this was released at the beginning of the year. There was tons of publicity and talk! Thought I was behind the flock and had missed out on a great release LOL. Great pick!

Here's my triple WOW -

We Heart YA said...

Dude, we want this so bad we might explode. If nothing else, because the cover is GORGEOUS.

Jacinda @ Reading Housewives said...

I want to read this one too! I actually haven't read a review for it least I don't think I have...

AliyaPM said...

This sounds really great! I've seen it around quite a bit. I'm definitely looking forward to it. :) Great pick, Yani!

Mrs_laura_koehler said...

I have heard wonderful things about this book. I cant wait to read it too. Great pick girl. Check out my WoW when you get a chance.

Carrie said...

I totally agree.  I am very excited for this one.  It has been getting great buzz!

Cynthia A. said...

This one's on my tbr pile to read soon, I'm really looking forward to it. =D

Anna said...

I see that cover and I can't help but wish I could go back and make that my prom dress. LOVE that color.

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