Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This or That with Angela Carlie

Today we have Angela Carlie author of Dream Smashers. We sent her a couple of pairings and asked which she preferred, here is what she said! You can see my additions in this color :)

Sweet or Salty – Sweet. I mean salty. I mean sweet. I like to eat my potato chips covered in chocolate. ME TOO

Hardcover or Ebook – Both!  I usually buy the eBook first. If I really love the story, I’ll purchase the print version, too. I own my favorites in both formats as well!

PC or Mac -- I own a PC, but with all the problems I’ve had lately, I’m considering a switch. I love my Mac, though PCs have their use.

Action Movie or Comedy – Comedy. I love to laugh.

Paranormal or Sci-Fi – Paranormal.

Fate or Freewill – Freewill is much more romantic and sexy. Definitely. Agreed

Dresses or Jeans – Jeans all the way! I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. I actually prefer to wear yoga pants or something less constrictive. PJs as often as I can for me.

Dark Colors or Bright Colors – It really depends on my mood. I love all color.

Beach or Mountains – You’re asking someone who lives near both and frequents both the mountains and the coast often. I’d have to toss a coin on this one. Living the dream...

Small Town or Big City – I love to explore it all. When it comes to living, however, I’m a bit of a loner and not a fan of closed-in areas. I’d have to say: small town near a big city.

Video Games or Board Games – I am the least coordinated person on the face of the planet when it comes to video games. I’m always dying in the first second, unless it’s Ms. Pacman. Then I can only get to like the third level. I’m not very good at board games, either. My attention span isn’t all that great when it comes to games.

Movie Theatre or Living Room – Theatre

Kindle or Nook – I own a Kindle YAY for kindle owners!

Young Adult or Middle Grade – Young Adult <3

This was fun! Thank you Yani for having me on your blog today! No, Thank YOU Angela for participating :)


Jacinda @ Reading Housewives said...

I like chocolate covered pretzels because of the sweet and salty :)

Michelle Madow said...

LoveLoveLove <3

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