Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review: Dream Smashers

Publisher: Darkside Publishing
Release Date:  March 25, 2011
Source: TeenBookScene Tour
Sixteen-year-old Autumn has spent her entire life worrying about others. Her ailing grandma, meth-addicted mom, and a best friend who is always in trouble. She's spent the last few years attempting to worry less, to be carefree, without success.

Enter Evan, whose radiant attitude is an Autumn magnet. With Evan at her side, Autumn's able to let some of her worries go as they trudge through life's difficulties and fall for each other in the process.

A girl who no longer wants to care and a boy who cares enough for the both of them, Dream Smashers is a love story, but most of all, it's about letting go.

Summary Taken from Goodreads

Yani's Review:

Dream Smashers is a realistic, heart wrenching story about a girl named Autumn Spring Winters and the people in her life that "kill" her dreams. More like they make her feel her dreams aren't possible. She lives with her grandmother, has a homeless/alcoholic/druggie mother and her best friend is currently not make great life choices. I thought the story was powerful and emotional. Angela is a great writer, but for some reason I couldn't connect with the characters.

The format of the book is that it changes character POV every so often, which is something I like because I love being inside the heads of these very real and deep characters. At times I was really sucked in to the story and other times I was just reading. My biggest issue though, was with Evan. I totally believe that there are guys out there like him. His faith doesn't make him unbelievable, but it does make him hard to relate to. He's the type to say something like leave it in God's hand and really mean it, as much as I have faith (not that I am religious) I found him somewhat corny. He did grow on me though, and I think this book is worth taking a look at.


Plot Development: 7/10
Writing Style: 7/10
Characters: 6/10 
Pace: 7/10
Uniqueness: 8/10
Ease of Reading: 9/10

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