Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zen Moments

And so what I’d like to rant about is about Zen Moments…. I had been seeing this term in a lot of blogs and stuff, never actually knowing the meaning of it, until I Googled it – Yes, I Googled it – and all-mighty Google gave me answers. Zen Moment: mind-blowing, embrace entirely the moment you are currently experiencing, the whole world gets quiet and nothing else matters, except for that moment.

This reminds me of Avatar in some ways, when Jake gets kicked out of the tribe, and to regain their respect has to go hunt down the weird bird-dinosaur thing witch’s name I can’t remember, and he says:

"Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move."

I really think that life boils down to a LOT of insane moves.  Or maybe not that insane. But small things that can define our lives completely. Like that one time I went to this coffee shop. And instead of ordering my usual hot chocolate I ordered something with a way too much cinnamon and way to bitter – don’t know why I ordered that thing, most disgusting thing EVER - the cashier told me it was her favorite and we got talking. Later I found out we went to the same school. She is now my Best Friend. Or taking a different road towards my house – I still don’t know why I did that on either - and discovering I had a cute neighbor. He later on became my Boyfriend.

Little things that can change it all completely. And for me, the most important Zen Moment of my life was when I saw the Twilight movie. Wow, SUPER ZEN JUDE *sarcasm* . Yeah, this may not seem wow but, hear me out. I went to watched. I fell in love with it. Then I bought the books, only ‘cause I wanted them sitting nicely on my shelf, never actually intended to read them. I had NEVER read a book before in my life. Got them the Christmas I was 15. Finally gave them a shot. I loved the so much that I wanted more, but I live in Mexico and, well, nobody really reads here so, I figured that If I wanted to keep reading, It’d have to be in English. Bought all 4 books again – in English this time – A dictionary. And learned.

Twilight is not one of my favorite books anymore. I don’t like vampires that much and neither way too tortured characters. But if it wasn’t because my BF – coffee girl – invited me to see the movie and offered to buy mi ticked – it was by 1 get 1 free, so, she technically didn’t buy – But if It hadn’t been for  that, I would have never started reading. It’s been two years since I started reading. A year since I started writing. And a month since I started Reviewing. I’m the proud owner of a Book Club in Goodreads that has achieved more than 300 members in less than 2 months. And a proud reviewer in this Blog. If I hadn’t made the Club, Yani’s would have never contacted me.

So, thank you Stephanie Meyer, Yani’s, mom and dad – for being strangers in a huge school, hating each other to death and ending up marrying each other – now THAT’S a funny story ^^.

So, Zen Moments. You just gotta love ‘em…

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