Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I Blog...

So I just got home from Ultra Music Festival and as per my usual bedtime routine I checked my google reader for interesting blog posts. This article by Kristi @ The Story Siren was just sitting there waiting for me. (BTDubs definitely think you all should go read it now, also read some of the comments if you can, everyone makes very interesting points)

Now I know 1:52 AM is probably not the best time to start writing my opinion, but I am wired from all the Redbull (with some vodka) and I want to get it all out before it slips my mind. Why I Blog.... I love books! Its actually a really simple reason and I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before. All my life I have always been a book lover, but all my friends are not really readers. So even when people didn't know how to use the internet, I used it as a resource to find the next book I would read. I didn't have friends that could recommend me anything, so I used reviews online to find a book I would like to read.

When I started my blog I did it for the younger me, the one looking for someone with similar tastes that could be my book pal. I did it so that when someone reads a a review of mine for a book that they have already read and they feel the same way as me about it, they could look at my others reviews for guidance as to their next book choice. That what I do when I read blogs, even now I am still looking for the next book to love.

I swear I have NEVER felt more myself, than when I am blogging or communicating with other bloggers. I am so glad I found this community... and am soooo excited to keep growing my blog and meeting new people. I don't get paid for this (in fact it takes away from my studies and my real job), I rarely get free books (and most of the time, if I loved it I will buy it), and I do do (haha) meme's (and that's because the ones I do are great ways to introduce someone to a book they can like/ or learn more about yours truly). Sorry if this post is a little scattered, I might have put too much of my personality and quirks in it, but it is how I really feel.

PS: Be sure to check out another really interesting post by Farrah over at I Eat Words here.
Update: Also just found Andye from the Reading Teen response to Kristi blog post, and can I just say Ditto.


I Eat Words said...

I totally agree with you! This is an amazing community.

I Eat Words said...

I totally agree with you! This is an amazing community.

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