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Interview with Ramona Wray

About Ramona Wray: 
Ramona Wray was born in Romanian. She is a writer and now lives in Plymouth with her husband and her little boy. Her debut Novel, Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale was released on February 1, 2011.

Hex, A Witch And Angel Tale, is a refreshing read, that convines paranormal fantasy, with deep romance, and characters that jump of the page.
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Almost forgot.... Here's the Interview


1. In your novel, you mentioned a few music groups and singers, including Dashboard Confessional and Linking Park. Was music involved in the writing process of Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale?
Lots of it, and all the time. Music is good for the soul, and I think that’s where the words come from. Every time I hit a writer’s block - which happens now and then - I turn to music. And it always works like a charm.

2. Lily’s character just seemed so real to me, such a strong voice. Could you hear her voice clear in your head? Or did she just came as an extension of you, natural and developing along with the story?
When I get deep enough into a story, I even dream of my characters :-) So, yes, I used to hear Lily in my head all the time. I’d like to say she’s a lot like me, but I’d be lying. I only wish I had her backbone.

3. What gave you the idea for Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale?
I was watching “Bewitched” one day and it occurred to me that writing a witch was something I could definitely do. It had so much humorous potential.

4. Most readers take valuable things from the books they read. What would you like your readers to take from Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale?
A bunch of things, none of which more important than this : happiness and personal fulfillment are, to a point, a matter of perspective. Lily never got rid of her gift/curse in the end; she remained the same social pariah. Yet she was happy. Why? Because she realized that being accepted by her peers paled into insignificance when compared to being accepted and loved by the one person who mattered. Also, I love writing unusual characters; I think the odd ones, the lonely, those who don’t fit in often have unexpected depth of feeling and that, given the chance, they could blow you away. It would be great if Hex would persuade readers to consider this angle.

5. You once mentioned to me you were very involved in the cover process for this book. You always knew how you wanted it to be?
Well, I knew I wanted something featuring a cartoon because it seemed like a good way to honor the initial idea for Hex which, as I said, came to me while I was watching “Bewitched”. So the opening credits pointed me to the cartoon concept. The pink came with the music :-) More precisely, Édith Piaf’s “La vie en rose”, which was kind of a “musical theme” for the cover. Why not make it all pink, I thought. It’s that perspective thing again - while no one can be perfectly happy, I think that, from the right angle, people’s lives can naturally appear “en rose” at one time or another. Of course, I’m annoyingly optimistic, so I don’t expect everyone to share my view.

6. Is any of your characters inspired by someone you know? A real life Ryder perhaps?…. In which case I’d like his number please xD!.... maybe an adorable black cat?
Ooh, sorry, no real-life Ryder (but wouldn’t the world be so much better with him in it? :-) I knew a Lucian once, so I guess his namesake is very loosely based on him (but, no, I don’t have his phone number ;-) I had both cats and dogs (I love pets) and I did have this cat once, Meetzi, and she was the quietest, most soothing presence in the world. Sometimes she would stare into my eyes in such a way I could swear she knew exactly what I was thinking. Kind of like Raisin. When I was a child, I also had a dear old teacher who dressed very eccentrically, very Queen-of-England like (all hats, and goves, and crocheted collars). She was my inspiration for J.

7. Tell us something at random :)
Bacon is evil.

8. Any last words? (Now that just sounded Horrible xD!!!) Something fun-crazy-funny-deep-or emotional you’d like to say to us your readers?
My life is charmed and I thank God for it, every day. But here’s a piece of advice, by which I live my own life - the bad that happens to people has a purpose, and that purpose is to teach appreciation for the good. And as long as an experience teaches something, it can never be truly bad.

Thank You so much to Ramona Wray for the interview and allowing me to review her book. Thank You So Much!!

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