Friday, April 8, 2011


I am going to combine all the Friday Memes I participate into this one post, so that you the readers can get to know about me without me bombarding your feed reader.

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This Friday's Question:
Book Tears: do you get emotional when you read? which books had you in tears?

It's funny that this question came up this week, because there has yet to be a book this week in which I didn't cry.

I wouldn't say I cry easily. Things can be sad but that doesn't mean I'll cry. But once I start, I think just about anything sets me off. I mean I am getting teary-eyed right now thinking of the books that really affected me this week. Lets start off with the first one I read, Between Shades of Gray. It is about a Lithuanian girl that is taken from her home by Stalin's regime during WWII. First off let me just say the premise of a WWII setting just sets me off. War and destruction, you sympathize for those that went through that and Rupta the author creates such a realistic strong willed girl, fighting this huge injustice not just to her family to hundreds upon hundreds of people. Obviously, its an emotional book.

Then it was April 4th and I thought hey let me read If I Stay again before Where She Went comes out so that I can remember everything. Even knowing everything that happens in If I Stay, rereading hit me like a punch to the gut. I was crying for Mia and her family all over again. From there I couldn't stop myself and started reading Where She Went. Throughout all these books, I cried and cried and cried. I cried tears of sadness, tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears for the injustice that exists in this world. And in the end I remember the message of these books and I smiled. So yes I am an emotional reader and yes I will cry while reading a book because some authors are such great writers that while I have never experienced these things IRL I can feel the emotion that such events would cause.

To evoke emotion through writing, that is the greatest talent a writer can have.


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Do you judge a book by its cover?

I hate to admits this, but I totally do. I mean not completely, but it is like when you meet a guy. His appearance is the first thing you are going to notice and with books its like that too. Sometime I will find that a book I ignored because of the cover was really really good. Still that doesn't stop me from judging them.
Sometimes, the synopsis doesn't do anything to intrigue the reader either. Just because you know what the book might be about doesn't mean you know how it will be written. That is why I read reviews, so that I can look beyond the cover and synopsis to see what other people felt toward the book.


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Neri said...

Loved the analogy "it is like when you meet a guy. His appearance is the first thing you are going to notice and with books its like that too" that's so true! I do tend to judge a book by a cover although I try not to.

Just started following you :)


Yas said...

i haven't read between shades of gray yet, but it is in my TBR list. hmmmm... mayve i better get started with that! :)

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