Wednesday, April 20, 2011

May = Contemp YA Month on TSLoaAR

In light of the Elizabeth Scott week we are co-hosting and the Sarah Dessen week we will be participating in, we decided to make the month of May a contemporary YA month!

We will try to revolve all our reviews, posts, memes around this theme. Both Scott and Dessen are some of our favorite authors, but there are others too.

Such as:
  • Simone Elkeles, 
  • Tina Ferraro, 
  • Courtney Summers, 
  • Lauren Barnholdt, 
  • Jenny Han, 
  • Hailey Abbott, 
  • Kieran Scott/Kate Brian, 
  • Susanne Colasanti, 
  • Janette Rallison, 
  • Niki Burnham, 
  • Jenny O'Connell, 
  • Tamara Summers, 
  • Catherine Clark, 
  • Stephanie Davis, 
  • Jennifer Laurens, 
  • Sara Zarr, 
  • Alyson Noel, 
  • Jennifer Echols, 
  • and Meg Cabot to name a few of our favorites. 
Some are more emotional and gritty, and others light and easy, but all of them are about the life of your every day girl.

We wish we could review every single one of these authors, but there are not enough days in the month. We will be posting about some of these authors and their book reviews throughout the month. The goal is to have a review posted each non-meme day. That's 18 reviews! So be on the lookout for some amazing reviews, discussions, a possible interview, and a giveaway (or two) !

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