Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In My Mailbox # 1 9 - BEA Edition

This will be a short IMMB since it's already super late, but technically I got these books last week sooo....

 These are the books I got signed this week, minus eclipse, either at BEA or signing in NY.
 These are some BEA books I got I am excited about! I got some others ones, but some I am not as excited about and others I think in the end I just won't read so I will probably give them away.

These are some books I got at Strand, total paid $18 for 4 book!!! How awesome is that!

I also got Mad Love as a RAK from Briana at TheBookPixie. Thanks!
And won Moonglass at Jamie's Blog.


Bookish Brunette said...


Naomi Rees said...

this is so awesome! sp pumped for you ~ where do you even start? 

(I absolutely want to read WARM BODIES)

x Nomes

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