Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bookish Tag

Bookish Tag:
Get to know a bit more about yours truly!

I was tagged by Farrah and Brit from IEATWords and while its a long video, I know you really might not have time to watch it all, I do recommend watching at least the half minute in which I make a fool of myself =)

1. What genre do you prefer?
2.Must have books in/for your library?
3. Most expensive book on your shelf?
4. What book do you covet the most?
5. Favorite Author (can name 3)?
6. How much do you spend on books in general?
7. Favorite book store(s)?
8.What do you think of the current trend in YA?
9. Name a series you wished had more books?
10 Go to books you'll always have in your Library?
11. Book currently in your bag/purse?
12. Most prized book in your collection?
13. Name the type of nonfiction books on your shelf?

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