Friday, July 15, 2011

TGIF: Blogger Appreciation

TGIF is a feature over GReads to re-cap the week's posts  & to propose a question for all the followers.
Book Blogger Appreciation: 
Which book blogs have inspired you 
or made a difference in your blogging experience?

I wasn't planning on doing any posts today, I have had a busy week and I have HW for my class tomorrow, but once I saw the TGIF question, I had to participate so that I could thank all those that where with me and helped me out when I began this journey! 

I could list blog after blog after blog that have made a difference in my Blog and what I do. Every blog I stumble upon, every blog I read has an impact. Slowly, but surely, my blog has changed since I started. My reviews now are not the same of that girl that started six months ago... and if you want to see all these blogs I read and have impacted me, you can take a look to your right at my blog roll. Today, is about those blog that where there when I started, and the people behind those blogs that helped me become a blogger!

Ginger from GReads
One of the first people I turned to (on twitter of course) when asking questions was Ginger, she was one of the first blogs I followed. I really loved her easy going style, it wasn't over done or over the top. Little by little I got to know this girl more through twitter, and later g-chat friends, and now I really consider her a friend. Someone to talk to not just about the books I love, and don't forget the music, but also what's happening in my life.  Thanks G for making such an awesome blog, that I had to contact you :)

Smash from Smash Attack Books and Isa from BookSoulmates
The first S Fl bloggers I really talked to were Ash and Isa, both there blogs are crazy cool, and involve owls! Which at the time, my blog was owl themed so that was pretty cool... but not only that they where honest to god so nice and welcoming. I had just gotten into blogging, I had never gone to any events, so I was super nervous when I met them for the first time, within minute I felt like I knew them my whole life. They both have given me many great romance recommendations, and have opened up that side of the blogging world to me... not to mention they have super awesomely organized blogs!
Cyndi from Dog-Eared and Bookmarked
Also met through twitter, Cyndi was the first one to really give me advice on how to get new books. I remember that day we talked for so long, super helpful, unlike other bloggers she didn't guard her secrets, she is so open and great! I was actually following her on twitter before I followed her blog, but once I started following I really realized that she is one of the ones that does this for the love of books, truly!

Farrah and Britney from I Eat Words
I met Farrah through twitter, I loved their blog and I saw we had so much in common, so I contacted her. I got to know her and Britney through Twitter and I was able to meet them at BEA. So much fun was had. I love the way these girls do their reviews and they where the ones to inspire me to get into the vlog side of things.

I just realized I may have followed their blogs, but I really met all these amazing people through twitter! And every day I meet some more. So glad to be part of this awesome community!!
And a shout out to the class of 2011 bloggers... we all started our blogs around the same time and I loe chatting with these girls about it Reading Housewives of Indiana and Two Readers Review


Ginger @ GReads! said...

LOOOOVE you Yani <3 we shall meet one day very soon (hopefully at a SafetySuit concert!!!) and be fangirls all over the place! haha  Seriously though, I admire you for the dedication you put in to your blog. You are so sincere with every word. Never change that!

Cyndi @ Dog-Eared & Bookmarked said...

Aww! Thanks for the shout out. That totally made my day! I love your blog and talking to you!! One day we'll meet at some event and we can gush about books & how awesome Annie is, lol! <3

Mrs_laura_koehler said...

Its really great to have those people there who really help you out. I know that Ginger is one of the ones I followed first as well. I just love the fact that the blogger community really just opens there arms to you and you are welcomed into a great family. I love your blog too girl. Its nice to talk to people that have the same obsession I do and don't think Im crazy like everyone else I know does :)

Smash Attack said...

Thank you, doll! Adore you! ♥

Amy @ bookgoonie said...

Great List. Thanks for sharing.

lisa said...

i love how you've found different blogging styles to inspire and shape your own! you are so fabulous. just so you know. :)

Yani said...

As are you!!

The Book Diva said...

GReads is on mine too! I love checking out all the new blogs, well new to me anyway. :)

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