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Monday's Bite: Chapters 6-11

My Twilight Discussion Answers for Ch. 6-10

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I loved these questions, because it brought non-twilight related topics to mind and I was really able to reflect on some of these and my reading habits!

  Q. Because we have to talk about it sometime - are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? does that impact how you re-read the book?
TEAM EDWARD - FTW literally :) haha but for real when I first read Twilight, I had no idea there would even be teams, I only saw Edward and the first time reading it did affect me. Like when I read New Moon (1st time) I skipped a lot of the Jacob parts, and in Eclipse, I would not admit (even after Bella did) that some part of her did love him, but after reading Breaking Dawn I understood who Jacob was to Bella and who he would become to them all. So re-reading the book now I can look at Jacob afectionately as Bella's best friend and not the person trying to steal her away from Edward.

Back when I was an even BIGGER Twilight nerd, I used to read Stephenie Meyer's blog daily, and I found this quote and I loved it!

Q. Bella spends a lot of her time by herself in her room when she's not at school. what do you think this says about her as a character? can you relate to her introverted nature?
I really related to this side of her, because unlike most of my friends, I am perfectly happy staying home every once in a while. I also think that this gives us a chance to see, how mature Bella is for her age. She enjoys the calmer things of life and is very responsible... cooking and cleaning for her age.

Q. Probably my favorite chapter of the entire book, chapter eight brings us dress shopping, nearly getting assaulted, and then wraps up nicely with a quaint dinner and confession time. in this we see the blend of typical teenage existence starting to get tainted by the paranormal world. if given the choice right then, would you push to know more about the paranormal, or bury your head in the sand and live the teenage dream?
You know that quote: ignorance is bliss? So True! But me, I would rather be unhappy and worried, but really know what is up. Plus curiosity would have kept me glued to that chair no matter what!

Q. Already, it's pretty clear that Bella is falling for Edward. is this happening too quickly to be plausible, or is it totally reasonable to you? what about Edward do you find to be swoonworthy at this point?
This question is perfect, because the first time I read it, I never thought "oh this is happening too fast for my liking". Its funny, what becoming a book reviewer does to you, back then I wanted the fast emotional roller-coaster, who cares if it felt real! Now re-reading it I was thinking about how long they where together before the crazy stuff starts, and its nothing, NOTHING, they are together like a week?? holy shitballs, how do you know you love someone??

One of my biggest book complaints is insta-love, and I think I might have to take it easy on that now. You have to accept that the book isn't real, its a fantasy, and so if you accept that you have to accept that the love story is a fanatsy as well and not something that is supposed to replicate real life.

Q. Jessica has to forcibly remove all of the details on what's going on from Bella, but through that we learn more about how she's feeling and how she's falling for Edward already. if you were in Jessica's shoes, what would you say to Bella?
"Stop being vague woman and tell me details, NOW!" LOL


Ginger @ GReads! said...

I did the same thing, the first time I read this series.  I was SO Team Edward that I found myself wanting to skip over the Jacob parts.  I had to go back & re-read New Moon because I was flipping those pages like a crazy woman! Where was Edward??!! haha  The second time around I learned to appreciate the story more, and Jacob's character for sure.

Love that graphic & that quote :-)

The Book Vixen said...

Edward really affected me when I first read the books. I was in love with him! LOL And whenever I read a romance that involves a love triangle, I'm all about choosing a team :)

Mrs_laura_koehler said...

Man that really is a great quote.
I am totally team Edward too, and believe that Jacob is best where he ends up, and as her best friend. But he def has to be in the story to stir things up.  Also I would def. have to figure out what is going on as well no matter what happens, because it would bother me everyday if I didn't.
Great answers girl !!!!

Jenni Elyse said...

I've always been a this-is-a-fantasy reader when reading books. In no way do I compare these books to real life. It's weird for me to hear people who do. I'm usually okay with what happens in a book, as long as it's true to the book. If the book is professing to be about real life, then it should resemble real life. ;)

Yani said...

yes! that is why I am so glad I am re-reading this as well, because I used to be that way as well but along the way I forgot that its a story and its how the author intends it to be... I am no longer going to complain about insta-love (or I will try as long as its not too ridiculous) said...

Oh I loved that quote...:) Im a huge homebody and love to be in my Pjs - so Im with Bella and the love of sweats and books..

Jacinda @ Reading Housewives said...

Pretty graphic! :) I'm fine with staying home and being home now as well! :) I need to tell myself to chill out about the insta love too! :)

Molly said...

I agree about the insta-love! I usually gripe about it when I've set the book down for awhile. When I'm caught up in the book, I have butterflies and love every minute. Oh, what hindsight does for us!

The Book Diva said...

I love your answers! YAH Edward! New Moon made me so mad!!! I read Midnight Sun and understood a little more why Edward felt he had to leave, I hope it gets finished!
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