Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shut Out Tour: Kody's Top Ten Favorite Sports Movies

Top Ten Favorite Sports Movies 
by Kody Kelpinger

I am not a sports person. Not really. I’ve never been athletic, I’ve never enjoyed watching games on TV, and I’ve never totally understood the rules of most popular sports. But I have learned this – I do love sports movies. So when Yani gave me the option of making a sports movies tens list, I could not refuse! So here goes. My Top Ten Favorite Sports Movies.

10. Remember the Titans – a classic. Everyone loves this one. If they don’t . . . I just don’t understand them.

9. Angels in the Out Field – I was OBSESSED with this movie as a kid. I mean, OBSESSED. I watched it over and over, and I still get chills when I see certain scenes.

8. A League of Their Own – Talk about girl power! This story is amazing. A group of women playing baseball during the war. Its so interesting how times have changed. Also? Madonna is in this movie. MADONNA. Need I say more?

7. Radio - I’m not sure if this counts as a sports movie or not, but football plays a big roll in it either way, so I vote yes. It is just such a touching, wonderful movie.

6. Jerry McGuire - “You complete me.” –melts- Oh man, oh man, I looooooove this movie. Tom Cruise is so great in it, and there are so many quotable moments! LOVE!

5. Friday Night Lights – Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never seen the TV show. That said, I adore the movie! It broke my heart and put it back together again. So wonderful!

4. Bring It On – Say what you want, but cheerleading is totally a sport. And the first movie in this franchise was pretty awesome. Eliza Dushku is my girl crush thanks to this fab flick!

3. Space Jam – Okay, just because the main characters are cartoons doesn’t mean this isn’t a killer sports movie! When I was a kid, iw anted to be Lola Bunny so bad. I wanted to play basketball the way she could. And I wanted to be pink like her!

2. We Are Marshall - Yes, it made me cry. That’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself. So it HAD to make the top ten!

1. Bend it Like Beckham – My absolute favorite sports movie. I adore soccer and even more so I adore British people. Therefore, this film was MADE FOR ME! So, so great!


Belle's Bookshelf said...

Awesome list. I especially love Space Jam, Remember the Titans and Bring it On! When I was a kid I was also obsessed with The Little Giants, but that was mainly for Devon Sawa. ;) I also love The Sandlot :D

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Remember the Titans is one of my favorite movies of all time! My parents groan whenever it comes on TV because they know they'll be watching it for the millionth time lol. I also loved Angels in the Outfield and Space Jam when I was younger! The first Bring It On was classic, but the sequels have been kinda meh. Actually, I love just about all these movies! Great list, Kody!

OMG I also JUST REALIZED the girl from Bring it On was Faith on Buffy!!!!!!! I fail. Fail fail fail.

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