Monday, December 27, 2010

So here it goes....

Finally, I got my act together to submit my first post to this blog. Last week I received a copy of Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson from Star Book Tours and the next day I left on a five day cruise. I took four other books with me thinking I would have more than enough time to finish them all while I lounged by the pool. Now I don't know if this is my fault because I haven't read a book in while or it just wasn't that interesting, but it took me three days to read Invisible Things. I used the last day to read Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy. (Look for those reviews later this week)

After reading these books, I couldn't help but thinking what happened to that feeling of being engrossed in a good read. I used to pick up a book and not be able to fall asleep till I finished. Lately, even my favorite authors have been disappointing me - Forget You - and new books that should have blasted me away - Matched - didn't. Though, there have been some surprising hits - The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) which at first I had refused to read it due to the title, I then fell in love with the genuine, funny, sarcastic main characters - most books have yet to capture and hold my attention.

And then I stumbled upon this blog post, Top 10 books of 2010, and thought what better way to start off my blog (and 2011) than with my own list. First though, I must see if I agree with Forever YA assumptions. So that means reading the books on the list I hadn't gotten to yet (6 of the 12). I have to say, I definitely agree with the other choices, except for Forget You, so it seems we have similar tastes.

So be on the lookout for my first reviews this week and My top 10 of 2010 list coming soon.

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